Timetable and Main Talks



      Main Talks

      Guest lecture: The Mathematics of the Enigma Machine: how the British read German secrets in WWII

      The Enigma Machine was widely used by the German military in World War II to encrypt information about their war plans. Weaknesses in the design of Enigma and, more importantly, weaknesses in the way that it was used, allowed the British and their allies to read many of these messages, helping bring about the defeat of the Nazis. This talk will explore the mathematical aspects of some of the weaknesses and reflect on how good information security practices are as important today as they were in the 1940s.


      Professor Imre Leader (University of Cambridge): Pursuit and Evasion

      A scorpion wants to catch a beetle, and the beetle does not want to be caught by the scorpion. What tactics should they adopt, and how do these tactics relate to their top speeds? .

      Professor Imre Leader is a professor for pure mathematics at Cambridge University. His area of expertise is combinatorics. He is an inspirational speaker and a very successful Othello player. He has been involved with the International Mathematical Olympiad as participant, chief trainer and organiser.