Exploring Maths 2019 is a free invitation only event. If you would like to attend please contact us. Attendance should be organised by a teacher or other authorised representative of your school.

Exploring Maths 2019 is free.

All students must have signed parental permission to attend the event. This is the responsibility of the organizing school, and Royal Holloway accepts no responsibility for unauthorised attendance.

The organizing school is responsible for ensuring that students attend if places are booked on their behalf.

If you need to cancel your attendance at the event after May 31 2019 we reserve the right to levy a cancellation charge of £100 against the school to cover administration costs. If not all places reserved by the school are taken up we reserve to right to levy an administrative charge of £50. Any charges will be submitted to the organising school by invoice, payable within 30 business days of receipt.